Career Transitions for Dancers - Atlanta

I am writing to let you know of an extremely exciting opportunity that is coming up for Atlanta area dancers. Career Transition for Dancers, a national organization dedicated to assisting dancers with their career paths, has selected Atlanta for one of their National Outreach Projects. Dance Canvas is please to be partnering with the Los Angeles offices of CTFD to make this possible. (Thank you to Claire Horn at Core for getting the ball rolling for us.) On November 19th, Career Transitions for Dancers will be coming to the Rialto Center for the Arts for a career counseling session/workshop. The session will be from 11am-2pm, with one-on-one sessions following (for pre-registered). The event is FREE, thanks to a grant from NEA and the Bossok-Heilbron Charitable Foundation, and a complimentary lunch will be catered for all attendees. As an added benefit, anyone registered for the event will receive a discount code for $17 tickets to see Ron K. Brown/Evidence (On Earth Together to the music of Stevie Wonder - Rialto Series) at 8pm that same night! (November 19th). The special deal is courtesy of the Rialto Center's Educational and Outreach Initiatives, and thanks to Leslie Gordon and Laverne Perry for offering it to the Atlanta Dance Community!! This is an incredible opportunity for Atlanta dancers, and we NEED a huge turn out to ensure that they continue to select Atlanta as a Career Transition for Dancers southern dance hub! It is a FREE event, so please take advantage of this opportunity! Please help us spread the word, and reach the largest amount of dance professionals and pre-professionals possible! (Flyer attached...please forward or post!) For our catering needs, please RSVP through Dance Canvas' website, For more information, contact Sonja Haney at Career Transitions for Dancers: or 323-549-6660. (We will most likely have to cap the # of attendees at 50 ppl due to space limitations of the lobby and classroom at the Rialto. Register early!!) To find out more about Career Transitions for Dancers, please visit their website...scholarship opportunities, career counseling and advancement, etc...: Hope to see you on November 19th! Sincerely, Angela Angela Harris Executive Artistic Director Dance Canvas, Inc. 404-384-7140