Community Builders Converge on Portland, OR

Conference to highlight community-built projects in Portland and around the world.
The Community Built Association (CBA) is coming to Portland for its 21st Conference: Community Building in the Urban Village, May 30-June 2. Conference programs will draw together the fields of architecture and urban planning, parks and playgrounds, gardens, gathering spaces and public art with a common focus on community engagement. This event will provide information and inspiration for anyone interested in learning more about the community built process.  Please go to our website for more information about the organization and our conference.
‘Community built’ is an interactive process that involves the local community in the design, organization, and creation of community projects. At its heart is a firm belief in volunteerism, empowerment, and the value of community. Through this process, professionals work with local volunteers to create physical products like parks, playgrounds, public art, gathering spaces, and community gardens. In addition to an attractive and useful final product, this process also aids in community bonding, develops local leadership, fosters community identity, ownership and pride, and empowers both individuals and the community as volunteers experience working together on a cooperative project making their ideas become reality! CBA is an advocate and resource for this process with a diverse membership that includes individuals and businesses who work as visual artists, architects, playground designers, volunteers, community gardeners, educators and organizers.