NC-Based Elsewhere Seeks Nominations for Fellowship Program

Dear friend of Elsewhere,

Elsewhere is pleased to announce its 2013 special residency fellowship opportunity,
Southern Constellations. Southern Constellations is an effort by Elsewhere to advance,
in a curated and critical fashion, creative opportunities to diverse artists experimenting
in and among our southern landscapes. Through a recent NEA grant, Elsewhere is
offering six fellowships for Elsewhere residencies to exceptional emerging and
established artists whose practice is based in the southern United States.

We are hoping that you will support this effort in serving as a nominator for Southern
Constellations fellowship program. Through the nominations process, Elsewhere aims
to expand the quality and diversity of its resident artists, while extending networks of
participation and conversation with southern neighbors. Accepted residents will be
provided full creative support, documentation, travel stipends, room and board in the
living museum, and a $1000 honorarium for a 3-4 week residency. There will not be an
open call, so all recommended artists will be highly considered for the opportunity.

We are requesting you respond by emailing the name, email address, and a link (if
possible) of no more than 3 artists by December 7th. We will follow up with each
nominee with an invitation to apply for Elsewhere’s 2013 Residency. Please take a
moment to become familiar with Elsewhere’s Residency. Fellowship applicants have an
extended deadline of January 15th, with residencies between April-November 2013.

Southern Constellations is an initiative supporting expanded conditions for creative
experiment and practice in the south. What constitutes place in an increasingly global
field, what resources enable and inhibit making-practices, what opportunities emerge
for experimentation in production and presentation, and what networks, formal and
informal, personal and institutional support a community of practitioners and an
artistic culture in our cities and states. We hope you will nominate artists that are
diverse and of color, experimental, collaborative and sustainable in vision and practice,
and for whom an Elsewhere experience will generate important steps in their
contribution to our evolving landscape.

Thank you for your interest and participation!

Please send nominations to George at wanderingzoo@goelsewhere.og

(see attachments for more information)

George Scheer + Stephanie Sherman,

606 South Elm Street, Greensboro, NC 27406 |
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