Here you will find information about Lutheridge Conference Center, directions, ride share and airport shuttle details, parking, what to bring and what not to bring, kitchen duty details, youth programming, people treats/support staff, and information for those with special needs. Please check the FAQ page for additional information about the Annual Meeting. If you can’t find the answer to your question please contact the amcoordinator@alternateroots.org.

<-Look for this icon for green travel tips and other ways you can help make the Annual Meeting as sustainable as possible.  Also check out “Logistics of a Green Event” to learn more about Alternate ROOTS green efforts.


Lutheridge is a seminar and retreat center located in Arden, NC, just south of Asheville.   Some outdoor amenities include: swimming pool, lake, playgrounds, basketball court, labyrinth, and walking trails. Wireless access is available at Efird Hall and the Faith Center.

ARRIVING AT LUTHERIDGE – Where do I go when I get there?

Registration opens at 12 PM on Tuesday.  There will be a meeting for everyone to catch up with the work co-op teams at 4:00 and a welcome block party starting at 5:00.  The first meal, dinner, will be served at 6:00 PM and the official opening night events will begin at 7:30 PM.  Upon arrival, signs will lead you to the registration desk in the Faith Center, where you will receive: a map of the camp; instructions on housing; work co-op assignment (please read the "more about the Annual Meeting section); information about youth programming; an updated schedule with the agenda for all conference sessions; a registration badge; and other information to help you plan your stay.


2049 Upper Laurel Drive
Arden, NC 28704
Phone: (828) 684-2361

From I-40, Eastern North Carolina (Greensboro, Hickory)
• Take I-40 West to I-26 East
• Take exit 40 (Asheville Airport) of off I-26
• Take a left at the end of the exit onto Airport Road
• Travel approximately two miles to US-25 (Hendersonville Road)
• Turn right onto US-25
• Lutheridge is the third drive on the right

From I-26, South Carolina (Spartanburg, Columbia)
• Take I-26 West to exit 40 (Asheville Airport)
• Take a right at the end of the exit onto Airport Road
• Travel Approximately two miles to US-25 (Hendersonville Road)
• Turn right onto US-25
• Lutheridge is the third drive on the right

From I-40, Tennessee (Knoxville)
• Take I-40 East to I-26 East
• Take exit 40 (Asheville Airport) of off I-26
• Take a left at the end of the exit onto Airport Road
• Travel approximately two miles to US-25 (Hendersonville Road)
• Turn right onto US-25
• Lutheridge is the third drive on the right

FROM ATLANTA - click [here].


Ride Share and Carpooling
Over 200 people will be attending this year’s Annual Meeting from throughout the South, and even all over the country. Many of these folks will be driving and, with the increasing cost of fuel and because we like to share, these folks may be offering a ride share. Car-pooling is also a great way to meet new people and reduce the ecological footprint of AM-related travel.  Fewer cars on the road mean fewer carbon (CO2) emissions from burning fossil fuels. If you are interested in offering a ride or are in search of a ride refer to the ‘Ride Share’ portion of our Annual Meeting page.

Save money, reduce your travel footprint, and maximize the fuel-efficiency of your vehicle by:
  • abiding by the speed limit;
  • turning the ignition off if idling for more than 20 seconds; and
  • avoiding major highways in metro areas during rush hour.
Speaking of avoiding rush-hour traffic, the scenic route can be faster and safer!  Most online mapping tools include an “Avoid Highways” feature to navigate around major cities and busy highways. Typically, you first have to enter your point of departure and destination; then search for the link to modify your route in a separate side menu or as a footnote to the preliminary directions.

Airport Shuttle
It may be more expensive to fly into the Asheville Airport. If you are trying to save you may want to check flying into Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Knoxville, or Charlotte. There will be folks offering ride shares from these places, Atlanta is 2.5 hours from Lutheridge, Raleigh is 3.5 hours, Knoxville is 1.5 hours, and Charlotte is approximately 2.5 hours.  

If you fly into Asheville please use the Flights calendar portion of the website to input your arrival and departure [click here]. We will be scheduling the airport shuttle service based on the arrival and departure times of those wanting to take advantage of this service. The Asheville Airport is approximately 10 minutes from Lutheridge. If you are so inclined as to make a small donation to the organization to reimburse us for gas for these trips, we would appreciate it, but it is not required.  Space is limited and available by reservation only. Please note shuttles will be scheduled to make the most effective use of our resources based on the actual arrival and departure information we receive from registrants.  When you arrive, please make your way to baggage claim and look for the person holding the sign that says Alternate ROOTS Shuttle.

Air travel is the most CO2 –intensive form of travel.  However, for those who have to fly, consider offsetting the carbon footprint of your flight miles.  You can purchase carbon offsets or credits to “cancel” the effects of burning fossil fuel for air travel.  Some reputable sources for carbon offsets include:
Most carbon offset providers also offer free carbon calculators on their sites to estimate emissions for different forms of transportation based on distance traveled.

Don’t forget that you can donate your frequent flyer miles to ROOTS for use by other members to travel to the Annual Meeting (http://alternateroots.org/node/707).  Even if flying has a large carbon footprint, it’s still sustainable to share resources with others who need them!


There is ample parking at Lutheridge. Once you have arrived at camp you may find that you will not need to move your car for the rest of the week.

Lutheridge is also woven with many paved pathways and hiking trails throughout its campus. So consider bringing gear (bikes, hiking boots, running shoes, etc.) for alternative modes of transportation and recreation during the Annual Meeting.


Pack your summertime casual clothes, bathing suits, and a special outfit or costume materials for various dances and parties.  You may also want to bring a small portable or window fan.  Please bring a coffee mug, so that we can cut down on the amount of disposable waste. 

Please bring your promotional materials, DVD’s, tapes, CDs, and published materials for our Resource Area.  Bring art supplies/costume pieces to create in the moment, and musical instruments for jam sessions.  Feel free to bring additional tech equipment for site-specific work.

And bring some extra cash in case you want to get a massage, purchase art from fellow artists, buy concessions (like coffee beverages!), or sow a seed in support of Alternate ROOTS.

We suggest you pack the following:
  • Toiletries
  • Sleeping bag/Blanket – for multiple occupancy
  • Fitted Sheet (twin/full) – for double occupancy
  • Pillow
  • Towels & Washcloth
  • Soap & Shampoo
  • Light jacket or sweater (we've had some very cool evenings in recent years)
  • Rain coat or poncho
  • Good walking shoes; sneakers w/ good tread work best
  • Flip flops
  • Journal/Notebook, pen or pencil
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Flashlight
  • Reusable coffee mug
  • Band-Aids
  • Camera/film (optional)
  • Insect repellent
  • Plastic bag (for wet/damp towels, clothing, etc.)
  • Reusable water bottle (can be recyclable, but should be refillable)
  • Swimsuit
  • Instruments for jam sessions
  • Visual Art for sale or display - please check in with Eleanor Brownfield about this process.
  • Festive Attire for Late Night Cabaret/Open-Mic Sessions
  • Clothing items for the Clothes Swap


  • pets
  • firearms
  • candles
  • illegal drugs
  • and anything else that would get not just you but all of us in trouble.
  • While there is a small lake at Lutheridge, you are not allowed to bring your boats, canoes, or kayaks.
  • There is also no tent camping at Lutheridge.


This is a rare and valuable chance for youth to meet, learn from, and create original art with leading artists from around the country. We urge you to take advantage of this educational opportunity and bring a youth participant.
The Youth/Parent orientation will take place on Tuesday at 7:00PM.  Youth participants are encouraged to bring the following:
  • White T-Shirt
  • Puzzle or Favorite Toy
  • Picture of themselves that ROOTS can keep
  • Favorite Movie - to share
  • Favorite Board Game - to share
  • Swim Suit
  • Comfortable Folding Chair
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Art Supplies - to share
There will be programmed activities for children ages 5-12 and for youth ages 13-18. Additionally, we have a childcare co-op for our Alternate Sprouts, children ages 0-5. While there is childcare provided and youth activities planned during the Annual Meeting, parents are still responsible for their children.


Available by appointment are sessions with our ROOTS Camp Counselor and professional therapist and massages by professional massage therapists.


If you should have additional special needs to accommodate a disability, such as a sign-language interpreter, wheelchair accessible housing, or an alternative format for printed materials, please contact amcoordinator@alternateroots.org and put ‘Special Needs’ in the subject line before July 25th.  We strive to accommodate those with multiple needs, and we must have timely notice to make those accommodations possible.