This FAQ will be updated regularly as we learn from artists and our community throughout this initiative.

You can read more about Solidarity 2.0 here.

Do I have to be an individual or organizational member of ROOTS in order to apply for funding?

No. The Solidarity Fund 2.0 is open to any artists, cultural worker, or small arts organization in the ROOTS Region. Membership is not required. 

Can I apply during a cycle if my state isn’t being prioritized?

No. We are committed to equitable and inclusive distribution of resources across all Southern states within the ROOTS Region. To help keep us accountable to this, we will distribute funding through a total of four (4) cycles that are geographically prioritized within the ROOTS Region. ALL Southern states within the ROOTS region will be prioritized within one of the four cycles. 

Am I eligible if I am a current or previous Alternate ROOTS grant recipient and/or have received  grant or funding from other program(s)?

Yes, current or previous grant funding from ROOTS or any other institution does not affect your eligibility or influence the decision making process for this grant

Am I eligible for funding if I have previously received funding from the first version of the Solidarity Fund?

Yes, all previous recipients of funding from the Solidarity Fund prior to September 15, 2020 are eligible for funding. Assistance received before September 15, 2020 does not affect your eligibility or influence the decision making process for this grant

Are there guidelines or restrictions for how the funds must be used?

No. All grants are unrestricted and can be used for any kind of emergency relief. You do not need to reveal how you spend the money. 

If I receive a grant, will there be reporting requirements?

No grant or receipt reporting will be necessary.

Am I guaranteed to receive funds?

Unfortunately, due to limited funds and volume of applications, not every applicant will be funded. We are committed to making funding as accessible to as many applicants as we can and will continue to innovate this distribution process as we better understand the needs of our region and the resources available to us. 

Can I apply to the other ILI organizations for funding? Am I still eligible if receiving funding from one of them?

Yes and Yes! However, there is a $20,000 cap on total awards one person or organization can receive from the combined pool of ILI funds. ILI partners will cross-reference data to manage the $20,000 cap on funds awarded.

Please visit our partner’s websites for application info and guidelines: First Peoples Fund, National Association of Latino Arts & Cultures (NALAC), PA’I Foundation and Sipp Culture.

Why are you collecting demographic data from applicants? Who has access to this data?

Information is being collected for tracking and reporting purposes and does not affect eligibility. As an applicant, your data will be viewed by a small coalition of staff and our partners who will be engaging us during the review process.

Individual applicant data (including name) will not be shared, duplicated, or distributed publicly. Additionally, aggregated applicant data will be collected, summarized, and shared in reports to funders and/or the public, without disclosing any personal information.

If you have questions, please email solidarityfund@alternateroots.org or call 404-577-1079. Voice messages will be returned within 48 hours Monday-Friday.

We would like to credit models in the field for helping ROOTS launch the Solidarity Fund 2.0 so quickly. Thanks to Springboard for the Arts, The Actors Fund, Dramatist Guild Foundation, and Artist Relief whom we looked to as we built this program.


Application Opens: Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Applications Due: Thursday, July 8, 2021 by 12 pm EST

Notifications: Tuesday, July 27, 2021

You can read more about Solidarity 2.0 here.

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