Giving Program



You will be supporting Cultural Organizing, Artistic Expression, and Social Justice.


Founded in 1976 at the Highlander Center in New Market, Tennessee, Alternate ROOTS has a foundation in the liberatory legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. Born of the distinct regional needs of artists who work for social justice, and artists who create work by, for, about, and within communities of place, tradition, affiliation, and spirit, Alternate ROOTS has a 45 year old commitment to struggle and liberation. In those 45 years, we have worked as a focused network and service organization providing support to an expanding core of 500+ artists and countless communities in the severely under-resourced American South.


Today, fear is being used as a weapon to inflict damage on vulnerable communities. As the South has long been a training ground for repressive policies, Alternate ROOTS’ Southern artists, activists, free thinkers, and world changers have been on the frontlines of this struggle as they work to resist fear and create spaces for hope.  

Alternate ROOTS artists have answered the call to challenge oppression. Their mobilization and generosity of spirit have inspired and shaped their work. Alternate ROOTS artists engage a long-term liberatory struggle that is rich in its understanding of the intersectional understandings of race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, religion, and class oppression. Even more so today,  we call for social and economic justice and are working to dismantle all forms of oppression – everywhere.

Your gift helps ROOTS’ vanguard artists impact the culture and fabric of our country and beyond as they affect positive change in the communities in which they serve. Your dollars go towards direct support through grants, partnerships, travel stipends, and technical assistance. ROOTS also advocates for Southern artists, communities, and those least represented in the national arts and social justice ecosystem.


  • Between 2017-2022, Alternate ROOTS has put $3.4 million directly into the hands of artists through Artistic Assistance, Partners in Action, Partners for Change and other programs.
  • We have 640 Voting, General, and Organizational Members
  • There are over 4,000 people in our network/mailing list


Monetary Donations
Money is always accepted and can make an impact into the communities that we serve.

  • We accept monetary donations through our Donate Now page linked here.
  • Large gifts can be made by contacting Managing Director, Paige Heurtin, at, or 404-577-1079 Ext. 305.


  • ROOTS host artists for convenings throughout the South, and at national conferences and meetings. Your donation of in-kind lodging (retreat spaces, hotels, rental housing, or other lodging) will enable our members to effect change throughout the country.


  • ROOTS is a regional organization for which members, staff, and Executive Committee members move throughout the region regularly (and sometimes internationally). Travel vouchers or member points for airfare, bus, trains, carpooling services, and any other means of transportation ensure that we can convene and support each other’s work as needed.

Professional Development | Artistic Supplies

  • ROOTS members are from all artistic disciplines and backgrounds, including visual art, theater, dance, film, and other cultural practices. We could accept supplies or vouchers for supplies, leadership development programs, software, computers and other technology, marketing and press, website development services that could further the endeavors of the artist activists that we serve.


Planned Giving

  • Planned giving allows you to make donations for a future date, in perpetuity or even many years beyond life passing. Many members have dedicated their lives to ROOTS, and planned giving is a way to ensure ROOTS’ sustainability into the future.

Tribute Giving

  • Making a gift in honor or memory of a loved one, whose values and principles are aligned with Alternate ROOTS, is tremendous opportunity to extend their lifelong legacy.

Gifts of Stocks and Securities

  • Alternate ROOTS accepts gifts via stock, mutual funds, IRA contributions, and donor advised funds.


  • Organizations and businesses are able to give to Alternate ROOTS via monetary donations or in-kind gifts. Please contact Paige Heurtin, Managing Director , at, or 404-577-1079 Ext. 305.

Thank you for considering supporting the mission and vision of Alternate ROOTS.



Alternate ROOTS supports the creation and presentation of original art that is rooted in communities of place, tradition or spirit. We are a group of artists and cultural organizers based in the South creating a better world together. As Alternate ROOTS, we call for social and economic justice and are working to dismantle all forms of oppression—everywhere.