EmcArts announcing new services for arts & culture organizations


Announcing new services for arts & culture organizations

Limited space available for arts & culture organizations to benefit from unique EmcArts programs to support adaptive capacity

Dear Arts Leader,

For the last six years, EmcArts has successfully designed and facilitated programs that support cultural organizations like yours as they tackle their most complex and pressing challenges. Our programs to date have invited organizations to work with us at the national and local levels as members of larger cohorts.

Due to the demand for our services from individual organizations, we are now offering five different programs for organizations by application to EmcArts – ranging from one-day retreats to extended Innovation Lab opportunities. We can only work with a limited number of organizations in 2014-15, so if you are interested in taking advantage of any of these new offerings, please contact Richard Evans before July 31st.

These five programs are designed for different levels of engagement, and a variety of stakeholders. They range from one-day staff and board retreats on adaptive thinking, to once-a-month virtual workshops for staff or mixed stakeholder groups; from preliminary exploration and assessment of your whole organization’s adaptive capacity, to fully-fledged adaptive planning processes (the advanced alternative to traditional strategic planning), to extended Lab structures for incubating innovations.

The cost of the programs below range from $3,500 to $50,000. Most of your local funders and donors will be excited to support you in gaining access to these benefits.

Find the right place for your organization to intersect with our work! For more information, please contact Richard Evans.

Here are the five new services we’re offering for 2014-15:


Adaptive Thinking Retreat

A day-long retreat for your staff and/or board to focus on identifying complex challenges and orienting leaders to respond to them. Available for 5 organizations through June 2015.

Roots of Innovation Workshop Series

A series of 2-hour interactive virtual workshops for groups of 2-3 staff or stakeholders that introduces the fundamentals of adaptive change. You explore your most important complex challenges and build a shared understanding of the process of innovating. This is an essential professional development opportunity to advance new thinking. NOTE: We will be beta-testing this program in Fall 2014. Four organizations interested in getting in early can participate at no cost! If you are interested, please fill out this form by July 15th.

Preparing to Innovate: On-site Coaching

A 6-month diagnostic program, with 3 on-site meetings led by an EmcArts coach, to explore your complex challenges, identify ingrained assumptions to let go of and new directions to explore, and examine the strength of your organization’s adaptive capacity. A great platform to bring stakeholders together, unfreeze the status quo, and prepare for innovation. A key element in all our New Pathways programs. Available for 6 organizations through June 2015.
Incubating Innovation

A 9- to 12-month “deep dive” modeled after our successful Innovation Labs for designing and prototyping a significant organizational innovation in response to an identified complex challenge, using an action research approach. A specially constructed Innovation Team, guided by an EmcArts process facilitator, oversees the process, with an Intensive Retreat at its core. For areas of your organization needing adaptive change, this program takes the place of traditional planning. Proven in practice through all our national Innovation Labs. Available for 3 organizations through June 2015.

Adaptive Planning

A combination of Preparing to Innovate and Incubating Innovation over 18 months, this is EmcArts’ response to the continuing call for “strategic planning.” The program helps organizations identify complex challenges, distinguish adaptive from technical responses, carry out assessment of current adaptive capacity, and then develop adaptive potential through the practical work of designing and prototyping a significant organizational innovation, alongside technical strategic improvements. This program is for comprehensive organizational strengthening. Available for 3 organizations through June 2015.

For more information or to apply to take part in our new programs, please contact Richard Evans by July 31st. Space is limited.

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