Our Gratitude List

Friends_of_ROOTS_2014-01We are grateful!  As we head toward the holiday season here at Alternate ROOTS, this year we want to focus on the many things we are grateful for.  And as we began to list the many things, and people, we are grateful for, the list runneth over!  (That’s what happens when one begins to think about good things.)

So we decided to begin a ROOTS 2014 Gratitude List, beginning with our Friends of Alternate ROOTS (FOAR) — all 112 of them!  Although they may top our list, we decided we need to create a space to chronicle all of the other great things, and people, we are grateful for.

Join the fray by commenting below!  Tell us the many things you’re grateful for this year, ROOTS related or not.

Now, here in alphabetical order is our list of FOAR.  If you haven’t joined yet, it’s not too late!  Head on over to our new FOAR page and join right this minute.  Thank you in advance for your support of Southern artists!

  1. Al Bentz
  2. Alchemy
  3. Alison Kibbe
  4. Ann Elizabeth Armstrong
  5. Ariston Jacks
  6. Artspot Productions, Inc (On Behalf of Phillip Gilbert)
  7. Ashley Minner
  8. Atumpan-The Talking Drums – Corey & LaQuita Marie
  9. Bailey Barash
  10. Barbara Schaffer Bacon
  11. Beverly Botsford
  12. Birdie James
  13. Bob Leonard & Debbie McClintock
  14. Bonnie Garneau
  15. Bruce Allardice
  16. Carlton Turner
  17. Caron Atlas
  18. Celeste Miller
  19. Chip Epsten
  20. Chloe Smith
  21. D. Patton White
  22. Dan Brawley
  23. Dana Lupton
  24. Daniel Johnson
  25. Dawn Dreyer
  26. Deborah Tatar
  27. Don Harrell
  28. Eleanor Brownfield
  29. Elise Witt
  30. Elizabeth T Holmes
  31. Ennis Carter
  32. Guy Osborne
  33. Gwylene Gallimard and Jean-Marie Mauclet
  34. Holly Bass
  35. Jann Ramsey
  36. Jennifer Pickering
  37. Jenson Titus Lavallee
  38. Jerita Wright
  39. Joan M Kerrigan
  40. Joanna Russo
  41. Jose Torres-Tama
  42. Joseph Thomas
  43. Kaamila Mohamed
  44. Karen Peterson and Dancers, Inc. – Karen Peterson
  45. Kathie deNobriga
  46. Kathy Randels
  47. Kerry Lee
  48. Keryl McCord
  49. Kesha McKey
  50. Kira Cummings
  51. Kiyoko McCrae
  52. Kristin Kelly
  53. Laura Marie Thompson
  54. Leah Smith (Song)
  55. Lisa Mount
  56. Lisa Cremin & Bruce Harlan
  57. Lise Kloeppel
  58. Loreen Booker Brown
  59. Lucinda Flodin
  60. Lynn Jeffries
  61. Magda Spasiano
  62. Margo Miller
  63. Maurice Martinez
  64. Mayaba Liebenthal
  65. Meg Whalen
  66. Mirra Shapiro
  67. MK Wegmann
  68. Mollie Quinlan-Hayes
  69. Nancy White
  70. Naphtali Fields
  71. Nia Wilson
  72. Nick Slie
  73. Nicole Gurgel
  74. Nicole Brown
  75. Nicole Garneau
  76. Omari Fox
  77. Peggy Quinn
  78. Peter Eversoll
  79. Phil Cramer
  80. Phylis Free
  81. Phyllis Utley
  82. Polly Medlicott
  83. Polly Riddims
  84. Project South – Stephanie Guilloud
  85. Quita Sullivan
  86. Rajni & Theron
  87. Rebecca Mwase
  88. Robert Rorrer
  89. Rodrigo Dorfman
  90. Ron Ragin
  91. Sage Crump
  92. Samuel Valdez
  93. Samuel Thompson
  94. Sara Zatz
  95. Sarah Massey
  96. Sarah Grenzeback
  97. Sharon Newton-Denson
  98. Sheila Kerrigan
  99. Sheila Gaskins
  100. Sophie Becker
  101. Stephanie McKee
  102. Sue Schroeder
  103. Suzanne Callahan
  104. Tamiko Ambrose Murray
  105. Tara Foster
  106. Terry Thirion
  107. The Bosch Institute
  108. Tracy Broyles
  109. Trey Hartt
  110. Trina Fischer
  111. Val Lyle
  112. Will MacAdams

More from Our Runneth-Over-With Gratitude List

Join the fray by commenting below!  Tell us the many things you’re grateful for this year, ROOTS related or not.
Alternate ROOTS supports the creation and presentation of original art that is rooted in communities of place, tradition or spirit. We are a group of artists and cultural organizers based in the South creating a better world together. As Alternate ROOTS, we call for social and economic justice and are working to dismantle all forms of oppression—everywhere.