Thriving Changemaker Summit, November 12th-16, Washington, DC

If it’s important to you to thrive while making the difference you’re truly here to make, check out the Thriving Changemaker Summit, coming up November 12th-16th in Washington, DC:

We’ve been in some amazing conversations with changemakers from all over the country, passionate about everything from environmental sustainability to social entrepreneurship. We’ve spoken to artists, activists, leaders in healing and racial justice, just to name a few.

Across the board, people are looking at the question – what does it mean to be a thriving changemaker?

Well, what if you didn’t get to the end of day exhausted, or wake up dreading the endless to-do list? What kind of impact could you make if everything you did were infused with creativity, joy, resilience, and courage?

What if, in the midst of all the challenges we face today, you were able to respond consistently with compassion, grace, and ease? What if we were playing towards goals rather than struggling over obstacles?

We might have more energy to devote to creative solutions. We might we go past the point where we would otherwise give up out of frustration or despair. We could even experience more satisfaction, meaning and connection, knowing we are doing what we are here to do, and supporting those around us to live thriving lives too.

For us on the organizing team, this training has been one of our most impactful experiences toward truly thriving in our lives and work for social change.

Would you like to join us?

toward a truly thriving world for all,

Josh & the Coaching for Social Change team

p.s. – Wondering if this is the right thing for you?  Sign up here and one of us (Anna, Jeremy, Justin, Mary, Zo, or me) will get in touch to have a quick chat and answer any questions:

p.p.s. – Is there someone in your life you’d love to support to thrive? Pass this on!

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