Anna & Elizabeth

Anna & ElizabethAbout the Artists:
Anna Roberts-Gevalt & Elizabeth LaPrelle share the music & history of Appalachia through an innovative combination of song, storytelling, theater & scrolling illustrations called crankies—some quilted, others shadow papercuts. Anna, a fiddler and banjo player, and Elizabeth, an acclaimed ballad singer, have learned their music and collected oral histories from time spent with the elders of their music traditions. Revered singer Ginny Hawker says of them: “They are at the heart of what we all call “traditional”.  I’ve am so impressed with not only their talent, but also their commitment to keeping it real and digging below the surface.  They represent not only what they do,
but the people they learned it from.”

Current Projects:
Long Time Traveling –Their current touring show, one hour of songs & stories focused around the question of journeys– songs of immigration to America, of wanderers, of the changing landscape of small Appalachian towns and, finally, of death.

Over the past two years, Anna & Elizabeth have crafted a show for elementary school students which follows the history of Appalachia through its music, the arrival of the fiddle from Europe, the banjo from Africa, and an imagining of what life was like in the 1900s, and how making music was a part of daily life, getting kids to dance & sing with them (depending on age!)

Contact Info:
PO Box 819
Blacksburg, VA 24063

Fee Structure: *
Single performance– $350
One day residency– $400
One week residency — $2000
Other: up for negotiation!

*Fees do not include travel considerations.

Artistic Discipline:
– theater
– music
– visual arts
– folkloric/traditional cultural
– storytelling
Special programs available for:
– Colleges and universities
– K-12
– Senior Centers

The Lost Gander from Timothy Morton on Vimeo.

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