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Paige Heurtin


Paige Heurtin she/her/hers Caretaker, Peacemaker & Implementer [Operations Director] Paige is the leader of the Operations team, and sees her role with ROOTS as providing a firm and sturdy foundation for ROOTS’ programs work. Paige’s main responsibilities are managing

Cripple Creek Theatre Company

About the Company: The Cripple Creek Theatre Company is a professional, non-profit organization dedicated to producing dramatic works of cultural, historical, and political relevance in order to provoke the general public into social action. Current Projects: “Possum Kingdom”: For the

Elise Witt

About the Artist: The producer of the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage calls Elise Witt “a performer to remember with international savvy & personal charm.”  Singer, songwriter, educator, and community activist, Elise was born in Switzerland, raised in North Carolina, and

Voices in the Treetops

About the Artist: Paula Larke left professional theatre in NY, returning to the southeast for now over two decades of community conflict transformation and youth arts education. North Carolina’s Visiting Artist Program, NC Touring Program, innumerable residencies, keynote addresses and

José Torres-Tama

About the Artist: José Torres-Tama explores the underbelly of the North American Dream mythology, the Latino immigrant experience, and the lingering legacy of white supremacist power structures in the United States. His interdisciplinary creative practices include spoken word poetry, critical

Melanie St. Ours

About the Artist: Melanie St. Ours works at the crossroads of arts and healing. Previous work includes a Zilphia Horton cultural organizing residency in partnership with undocumented immigrant youth in NC, co-directing and devising The Eleventh Face: Ravana’s Untold Story

Barry Stewart Mann

About the Artist: Barry Stewart Mann is an Atlanta-based actor, storyteller, writer and educator.  He has a BA from Harvard and an MFA from the University of San Diego, and has been working in theatre, storytelling, and arts education for

SpiritHouse Inc.

About the Group: SpiritHouse is a Durham-based cultural organizing non-profit organization that uses art, culture and media to support the empowerment of communities most impacted by racism, poverty, gender discrimination and the school to prison pipeline. Since 1999, we have

Queen Sheba

About the Artist: Queen Sheba graduated from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA with a B.A. in English, is an internationally renowned award winning poet, journalist, budding playwright, actor, activist, and CEO of Oya Exclusive Int’l which houses several endeavors

King Shakur

About the Artist: King is a poet and spoken word artist heavily influenced by poverty, youth engagement, Hip Hop and Soul music. He does powerful performances, and teaches workshops on media images and Hip Hop and how it influences youth,

The Pacha Mamas

About the Group: The Pacha Mamas is comprised of three unique individuals who work in harmony with each other and spirit to create, express and inspire. Their performances are primarily driven by their eclectic original songs, but also include movement,

Orisirisi African Folklore

About the Group: Orisirisi African Folklore is co-produced, directed, and performed by a husband and wife team comprised of Nigerian born Adetutu “Tutu” Harrell and music scholar Don Harrell. Tutu, a graduate of Crown College, London, England is an extraordinarily


About the Group: NEW NOISE is a theater ensemble from New Orleans, LA. We create visually-intense, physically-demanding original work through collaborative processes and long-term partnerships with writers, designers and performers. NEW NOISE works to advance ensemble practice through quarterly community


About the Group: M.U.G.A.B.E.E. is an acronym meaning Men Under Guidance Acting Before Early Extinction. It describes a performing arts group that blends of jazz, hip-hop, spoken word poetry and soul music together with non-traditional storytelling. One of their greatest

Mondo Bizarro

About This Group: Mondo Bizarro is New Orleans-based ensemble that creates, presents and produces a wide array of imaginative projects aimed at utilizing art as a tool for understanding what makes us commonly human and individually unique. We are place-based

Melloweb MultiMedia

About the Artist: Rodrigo Dorfman is an award winning multimedia producer and educator known for his documentary collaborations with the North Carolina Latino community. He has worked with POV, HBO, Salma Hayek’s Ventanazul and the BBC among others. His films have

Jeff Mather

About the Artist: Jeff Mather is a community-based public artist; an environmental sculptor & site artist & teaching artist based in Decatur, GA. Jeff has worked extensively in the Atlanta metro area and throughout the southeast as an independent artist

Gesel Mason Performance Projects

About the Artist: Gesel Mason Performance Projects uses art as a vehicle to encourage compassion and inquiry. Artistic Director Gesel Mason’s distinctive blend of dance, theater, storytelling and humor brings visibility to voices unheard, situations neglected or perspectives considered taboo.

Looking for Lilith Theater Co.

About the Group: Looking for Lilith is a Kentucky-based ensemble theatre company founded in 2001. They dedicate themselves to re-examining history through women’s perspectives and creating original plays based on their research, in order to reveal and celebrate women’s contributions

Sheila Kerrigan

About the Artist: Kerrigan’s residencies create a safe space to open up our senses so we can attend to each other and bridge artificial gaps we call difference–race, class, sex, culture, etc.–and connect on a simple, deep level. She teaches

Alternate ROOTS supports the creation and presentation of original art that is rooted in communities of place, tradition or spirit. We are a group of artists and cultural organizers based in the South creating a better world together. As Alternate ROOTS, we call for social and economic justice and are working to dismantle all forms of oppression—everywhere.