Creating Place Podcast: Art2Action

The War & Treaty perform at Veterans Community Open Mic, hosted by Art2Action. Photo: James Geiger. This podcast is part of the Creating Place project. View the full multimedia collection here.

If I don’t believe in the possibility of healing, I can’t believe in the possibility of change. And if I don’t believe that their stories are important for the rest of the world to hear, then how will we ever get the truth about what we have done in the Middle East and in the world?”

– Andrea Assaf

Art2Action is based in Tampa, FL and creates, develops, produces, and presents original theatre, interdisciplinary performances, performative acts, and progressive cultural organizing. Art2Action supports women artists, artists of color, queer or trans* artists, and creative allies. In this podcast, Art2Action’s founding Artistic Director Andrea Assaf reflects on the company’s work centering on Arab, Middle Eastern, and Muslim artists, as well as veteran artists and stories, and the ways Art2Action builds intersectional bridges among many different communities. For more information, visit

Andrea Assaf is a writer, performer, director, and cultural organizer. She’s the founding Artistic Director of Art2Action Inc., and the National Coordinator of the Institute for Directing & Ensemble Creation. She is currently Artist-in-Residence and guest faculty at the School of Theatre & Dance, University of South Florida (Tampa).

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This episode features interviews with Andrea Assaf, Dora Arreola, and Andresia Moseley. Interviews and recording by Bonnie Gabel. It was edited by Bonnie Gabel and free feral, with additional support from Hannah Pepper-Cunningham. Music and sound design by free feral. The project is supervised by Nicole Gurgel-Seefeldt. Funding for Creating Place: The Art of Equitable Community Building comes from the National Endowment for the Arts’ Our Town program.

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