Fourteen ROOTers Involved In the Cucalorus Film Festival

Now in it’s 21st year, the Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, NC continues to integrate ROOTS members into the festival in a myriad ways. Led by longtime ROOTS Member and former Executive Committee Chair Dan Brawley, Cucalorus is a non-competitive festival focused on supporting innovative artists and encouraging creative exchange. Dan is joined by several other ROOTers on the Cucalorus staff: Nicole Garneau (Operations Manager), Jackie Olive (Engagement Coordinator), and Jess Solomon (Works-in-Progress Coordinator). During the festival, ten other ROOTers will descend on Wilmington to show films, emcee, host a ROOTS Rhizome event, and more.

Cucalorus_KickstarterIf you’re in or around Wilmington from November 11-15, join your fellow ROOTers at Cucalorus! And even if you’re not, visit Cucalorus’ Kickstarter, watch their promo video (which features an animated Dan Brawley surrounded by monsters), and throw a few (or more!) dollars at them by Tuesday, October 27.

ROOTS Rhizome @ Cucalorus: “Ladyparty” Social Justice Cocktail hour
Thursday, November 12, 5:00pm

This social event highlights women doing ground-breaking work in technology, film, and entrepreneurship. The program will include a short presentation about Alternate ROOTS and encourage networking among local social justice organizations.

ROOTers Showing Films

Babacar Ndiaye, More than Music: Senegal

Rodrigo Dorfman, The Magic Mountain

Keynote for the CONNECT Conference

Carlton Turner, Alternate ROOTS Executive Director, Cultural Equity

Social Justice Facilitators

This team facilities dialogue around Cucalorus’ Works-in-Progress and VOICES films. Socially aware and politically challenging, the films in these series comprise a showcase of powerful messages about significant socio-political issues from around the world.

Ashley Sparks (Los Angeles, CA)
Omari Fox (City, South Carolina)*


These folks introduce each film, (sometimes) in costume.

Nicole Garneau
Omari Fox*
Shannon Turner
Elise Witt

Also Participating!

Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully – through Dancealorous and associated professional development offerings merging dance and film – and Mayaba Liebenthal, ROOTS Communications Manager, attending for the first time!

*Omari Fox is also a Cucalorus Board Member

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