Global Village Chorus

Elise Witt, Global Village Chorus, Decatur, GA

The project focus is 1. to expand and develop the Global Village Chorus by adding a Global Village Ensemble at the Global Village Project (GVP), a school for teenage refugee girls in Decatur GA, serving the refugee community of Clarkston, GA, 2. to help GVP become a model for arts integrated English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) education for teenage refugee girls. The chorus consists of all the students who attend the music class during the school day. The girls at the school are from Afghanistan, Burma, Congo, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, and from the ever-growing list of countries from which refugees are pouring into Georgia. The Ensemble currently includes girls who have a greater interest in the chorus, which is about half the girls, (about 17 students).

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