ROOTS Personnel Committee Seeking Members

ROOTS Week 2019. Photo by Melisa Cardona.


April 21, 2022 | Personnel Committee 


Interested in playing an important role in Alternate ROOTS’ personnel processes? Submit an Interest Form for the Personnel Committee!

The Personnel Committee (PC) is comprised of ROOTS members, mission-aligned non-members, ExComm representatives, and staff. The PC maintains an ongoing relationship with ROOTS Human Relations (HR) and serves as a neutral party advising the organization during rare instances of personnel Termination Appeals.

Why create a Personnel Committee? An explanatory metaphor: the stone in the stream

Human Relations (HR) is a constant stream of activity flowing through all of our work together. The Personnel Committee is a member sounding board and learning exchange to support the HR work of ROOTS. Through quarterly fellowship and study, the PC contributes to the growth and strengthening of organizational support systems for ROOTS personnel.

Within this stream of HR-related activity at ROOTS, there are rare but critical times when internal conflict-resolution processes have been exhausted and termination occurs. In the times that a termination is appealed, there must be a stone resting in the stream which is stable and able to hold the difficult work of managing the appeal process. The Personnel Committee is this stone; aware and involved in the ongoing flow of HR policy within ROOTS and having built an integrity and trust within the group through their ongoing work together.

Responsibilities for PC committee members include:

  • A two-year commitment, stipends provided
  • Attending quarterly PC gatherings for community-building and learning experiences
  • Hearing employee termination appeals
  • Participating in the Executive Director search process at the direction of ExComm
  • Annual nomination of a PC Chair to ExComm

Complete the Interest Form today! Those selected for the committee will begin service immediately following the public announcement at ROOTS Week 2022.

Questions? Please contact

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