Second Annual Joe Strummer Memorial Barbecue

In the interest of slowing down, listening up, building space and binding community, let’s eat.

Late August, we’ll be having the second annual Joe Strummer Memorial Barbecue, this time in Holly Groves, Mississippi.

(Some great pix here.)

We can get this beautiful place (with kitchen, some inside sleeping, a sleeping porch, tents possible, and – an outdoor campfire!) for $30/person, total. Unbelievable but true.

Dates: Aug 22-24.

Nearest town: Bolton, Mississippi. Nearest airport: Jackson, MS.

The sole agenda: to gather together, to recognize the fellowship we share by breaking bread in the same place, reaching to clarity by setting the gathering beyond our regular reach. The two evenings we’re together, we share work (reading, singing, performing…). That’s about it. See each other, share food and work, go home.

Going far to be close sharpens the witness.

Would be outstanding to have robust Alternate ROOTS participation, especially Mississippi artists. But folks are of course welcome, worldwide!

You handle all your own expenses; food’s potluck – if you don’t bring anything there’ll still be plenty.

For more information contact Erik Ehn at

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