2021 Artistic Assistance Professional Development Grantees

Jarrell Hamilton, a graduate student in the Tulane School of Liberal Arts, performs her own choreography during the Southern Regional Research Center’s Caribbean Cultural Heritage Month celebration (Photo by Jeff Strout).


Meet our 2021 Artistic Assistance Professional Development Recipients!

Alternate ROOTS is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 round of Artistic Assistance Professional Development. Professional Development grants support ROOTS members with funding to pursue opportunities which will advance their artistic/creative practice and further their career. Two Artistic Assistance funding cycles are offered each year– Professional Development in the Spring and Project Development in the Fall.

2021 Artistic Assistance Professional Development Grant Recipients


    • Adrienne Clancy [Silver Spring, MD]: To support a series of professional development workshops on aging in dance and somatic techniques.


    • Allen Welty-Green [Atlanta, GA]: To support the funding of professional video equipment for documentary production.


    • Ashley Walden Davis [Austell, GA]: To support operational childcare to execute business during the pandemic.


    • Audrey Gamez [Atlanta, GA, Virtual]: To support the costs of attending the InterPlay Leader Training Program.


    • Chiwuzolfe Okwu [Atlanta, Georgia – Downtown College Park]: To support artistic mentorship or professional consultation for their original musical production, A Song for Adaeze.


    • Cristal Brister [Virtual]: To support a 1-year American Sign Language (ASL) training course and facilitator training program.


    • daniel johnson [Charleston, SC]: To support the advancement of their current creative work with mounted plexiglass through travel for an independent study with two ROOTS mentors.


    • dr. candi dugas [Louisiana and Metro Atlanta, GA]: To support the expansion of writing skills in southern-rooted, African-diasporic experiences.


    • Jarrell Hamilton [Louisiana]: To support the professional infrastructure of their business and administration as a professional choreographer and enhance their artistic practice.


    • King Shakur [Virtual]: To support the completion of a certificate program in Social Emotional Arts (SEA).


    • Marie Lovejoy [New Orleans, LA]: To support the training in audio description.


    • Phyllis Free [Fernandina Beach FL]: To support upgraded computer equipment.


    • Shannon Turner [Ireland]: To support travel to explore the Irish culture, including public wakes, which will contribute to the development of their first book, Walks with Grief.

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Congratulations to this fantastic array of artists and cultural workers, who are helping to create a better South, and a better world!

Alternate ROOTS supports the creation and presentation of original art that is rooted in communities of place, tradition or spirit. We are a group of artists and cultural organizers based in the South creating a better world together. As Alternate ROOTS, we call for social and economic justice and are working to dismantle all forms of oppression—everywhere.