Appalshop, Harlan/Whitesburg, KY

Appalshop’s Youth Media Program is partnering with the Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College to offer college credit for participating in the media programs offered by Appalshop. The proposal to ROOTS is to support the strengthening of the project and moving forward to find a way to offer university level classes so that residents of Letcher, Harlan and Bell County can acquire a Bachelor’s Degree without having to move out of the area. Appalshop and Southeast are already in conversation with a few academic institutions that may be able to help make this happen. Appalshop is really interested in leveraging ROOTS’ network resources to help make connections with academic institutions that will offer a low residency (attendance) program. Low residency programs are those in which students only have to meet in person at the main institution a few times per year.  Appalshop and Southeast are open to new possibilities and know that there may end up being multiple pathways to offer these opportunities to residents in the area.

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