Clear Creek Festival

“Bobby B” Martin, Clear Creek Festival, Clear Creek, KY

Clear Creek is proposing a Land, Water, Food, Stories project in Bob and Carrie’s local community Big Hill/ Disputanta Kentucky. This work will be centered on the themes of loss and resilience in land, culture, water and people.  Participants will explore these issues through witnessing performances and active participation in which they reflect on the issues and questions at play, share their own stories and engage in hard conversations alongside joyous celebration through dance, music and food.  The intention is to have a lasting impact on participants’ consciousness about their own lives and opportunities to build toward lifestyles, economies and communities that foster greater harmony with the land and with one another.  This work is a continuation of the work of Mondo Bizarro in New Orleans and the similarities in the issues of land loss and culture in the gulf and Appalachia.

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