Call for Artist Participation: Performing Arts Exchange Convening

Performing Arts Exchange Convening

An evening of Dialogue. Community. Performance

Alternate ROOTS will be participating in South Arts’ Performing Arts Exchange taking place in Atlanta, GA, September 29-October 2, 2014. Alternate ROOTS will be represented in a number of ways during the conference, including hosting an exhibition booth and staff and members serving as panelists for official conference sessions.


In addition ROOTS will be hosting our own evening of programming dedicated to our members. This evening is NOT a showcase event, but an evening that will include curated conversation with ROOTS artists, performances from members, food and an opportunity for presenters and artists to network. The convening will be seen as part of the PAE, but also will take place outside the traditional confines of the conference.


The goal of the convening is for Alternate ROOTS to have a presence at the Performing Arts Exchange. We want to go beyond just showing our artists work without placing it into context. Over the years, we have learned that ROOTS artists and their work do not neatly fit into the traditional spaces offered at PAE, so we are offering a nontraditional space to our members. We want to strengthen the understanding that presenters and artists who attend the conference have of who Alternate ROOTS is and what our artists provide.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

6:30 – 9:30 pm

(Programming between 7-9:15 pm)


C4 Atlanta

115 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SW #225,

Atlanta, GA 30303

How to Participate?

Alternate ROOTS is seeking interested members to be a part of the ROOTS PAE Convening on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at 6pm. We are looking for

  1. panelists for the curated conversations as well as
  2. performers with ready-to-tour work from across the region
  3. local Atlanta artists and
  4. community members to participate.

This opportunity should not be viewed as one of our more traditional grant and partnership award selection processes. This interest form is the best way that we can learn which of our members are interested in participating.


You must be a ROOTS member.

We strongly encourage the following to participate…


  • Who have ready-to-tour work
  • Are on the ROOTS Roster
  • Will be attending the PAE conference

Local Artists

  • Who have connections to a community in the Atlanta metro area that you work with regularly
  • Who have ready-to-tour work


  • Who have ready-to-tour work and have toured work
  • Who are on the ROOTS Roster
  • Have received support from ROOTS through the Tour and Residency Program/Presenting Subsidies Program

Participants Needed

ROOTS will select four performers/groups to showcase 15-minute excerpts from one of their performances.  Two artists will be selected to participate in the curated conversation.


ROOTS will offer performers a $200 honorarium per group for participating; panelists will receive a $100 honorarium.

* You will be responsible for your own PAE conference fee, air travel, ground transportation and lodging in Atlanta.

Please submit your interest by:

Thursday, July 24, 2014 by 5:00 pm Eastern.


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If you are not on the ROOTS Artist roster, please click here and enter your information.

Please see artist roster page for view other artist tour profile information.   Click here.

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Alternate ROOTS supports the creation and presentation of original art that is rooted in communities of place, tradition or spirit. We are a group of artists and cultural organizers based in the South creating a better world together. As Alternate ROOTS, we call for social and economic justice and are working to dismantle all forms of oppression—everywhere.