Queen Sheba

Queen ShebaAbout the Artist:
Queen Sheba graduated from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA with a B.A. in English, is an internationally renowned award winning poet, journalist, budding playwright, actor, activist, and CEO of Oya Exclusive Int’l which houses several endeavors by Rem: Bordeaux and the Beat – Bed & Breakfast for Artists in SW Atlanta, Below the Radar – Event Planning Co. that produces their signature tenured production: Rough Language Poetry Slam & Live Music series, writing workshops and multi-media show, Retro Active – clothing line for trend setting adults that don’t mind being talked about in public, and more.

Current Projects:
Sheba is currently working on her first collection of long poems and short stories:

  • Long Story Short – From Foster Care to Fame
  • A comedic motivational book for runners of all levels: Run Ugly! You know you’re a runner when…
  • And her new Alternative Rock album “they say” due for release early Spring.

She has performed her poems as a solo artist and with her all girl alternative rock band, Tempo 1-60, in over eight countries, three continents including but not limited to across the United States, West Africa, and four countries in Europe, with a special detour to K Town Germany US Air Force base where she captured an intimate and unforgettable audience of US troops.

From her performances at the Savoy in LA, The House of Culture in Antigua, West Indies or Harlem’s Apollo Theater, according to Nikki Giovanni Sheba is one of the most dynamic (writers and) performers of her generation. After hibernating all winter and her new show, My Thoughts Out-Loud, is set to grow wings on a new tour in 2011. Sheba’s debut rock album, They Say, is scheduled to start recording early Spring with Grammy nominated producer Nick Chahwala. Accompanying Sheba on They Say, cameo appearances by Eva Kennedy, RES and other black-girl rockers.

Contact Info:
Bethsheba A. Rem
2887 Edgewater St.
Altanta, GA  30331

Fee Structure: *

  • Single Performance: $1200, includes Live Band and DJ. “Band” Can range from 2 -7 pieces with multi-media show: $3200
  • Multiple Performances: back to back $1000| 3 of 5 days $900| 4 of 5 days $800| 5 of 5 days $750
  • One-day Residency: $1000
  • Multiple-Day Residency: back to back $1000| 3 of 5 days $900| 4 of 5 days $800| 5 of 5 days $750
  • One-Week Residency: $3500

*This pricing structure is to encourage promoters/organizers to work with each other in creating multiple venue shows within the same region. Does not have to be same city but each venue should be less than 2-3 hrs driving distance.
* Everything is negotiable. These fees do not include housing and transportation.

Artistic Discipline:

  • theater
  • music
  • spoken word
  • storytelling
  • One Woman Show: Social Disorder (The Queen Sheba Show!)

Special programs available for:

  • Colleges and universities
  • K-12
  • Prisons

Download Work Samples here

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