Soundtrack ’63

Stephanie McKee, Junebug Productions, New Orleans, LA

Junebug Productions, Inc. (JPI), proposes a new project that is being built from the partnerships of artists, activists and educators interested in documenting and reflecting on the legacy of the civil rights movement. In February 2016, JPI will present SOUNDTRACK ‘63, an interactive documentary production with live music and multimedia that commemorates the historic events of 1963 at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans.  Produced by 651 ARTS, conceptualized by Creative Director Chen Lo and Musical Director Tut Asante Amin, SOUNDTRACK ‘63 is a historically epic presentation of these events including video and graphics installation and musical performances of period pieces featuring the stories of New Orleans civil rights activists and performances by local artists.

In tandem with this presentation, JPI will produce several short videos about FST and JPI and partner with Amistad Research Center to make historical documents about FST and JPI’s impact available on its website that will be re-launched in spring 2015.  These documentation efforts will compliment and support the presentation of SOUNDTRACK ’63 and vise versa bringing the history, legacy and impact of the civil rights movement to a larger, broader and younger generation.

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