The Alternate ROOTS Membership Team on the 2022 ROOTS Rhizome Tour.


The ROOTS Membership Team was established at the top of 2022 based on several findings including ROOTS member recommendations that came through our Ford BUILD Committee process. Aimee McCoy, ROOTS former Operation Manager was asked to assume the role of Membership Director. She was soon joined by Zaid Hammed, the new Membership Team Associate in March of 2022. This new but dynamic duo hit the ground running with the ROOTS Rhizome tour – traveling throughout ROOTS’ fourteen state service region and meeting in person with members (in COVID-safe ways). Aimee and Zaid listened and connected to many ROOTS members and received valuable feedback.

They were welcomed by the following Hometown Hosts:

  • Sheila Gaskins & Denise Saunders in West Baltimore, MD
  • King Shakur in Dallas, TX
  • Victoria Moore, Gwylene Gallimard, & Rayn Rainey in Charleston, SC
  • ROOTS Week – Houston, TX, Norfolk, VA, Atlanta, GA, & Virtual
  • Kristen Cox & Brooks Emanuel in Rougemont, NC
  • Strategic Partnerships Team in Montgomery, AL
  • Arianna Ross & Regie Cabico in Washington, D.C
  • Yvette Angelique Hyater-Adams & Hope McMath in Jacksonville, FL

During these tour stops Aimee and Zaid met with groups of local ROOTS members and sometimes ROOTS interested individuals. The intimate conversations were spaces for questions and answers about ROOTS membership, and all the conversations were documented. After the eleventh and final conversation, all the feedback received was compiled with the assistance of a research consultant.

The Membership Team is excited to share with ROOTS members the results of this listening and connecting tour. They will present during the 2023 ROOTS Week Annual Meeting. However, as a quick sneak peek here are the takeaways:

  • Members want to know each other and connect
  • Members are interested in collaboration with one another

The Membership Team is excited and wants everyone to know that they are tighter and stronger because of this touring experience. The team is working closely together to ensure, as promised, what was shared during the tour has directly impacted the team’s vision for 2023 and beyond. Their current work will be focused on member connections and collaboration and will include these new initiatives:

New Member Orientation


The Membership Team and the ROOTS Membership Work Group developed a new quarterly Member Orientation process. This will serve as an introduction to the organization where you’ll get to meet new members, learn about membership levels, benefits and responsibilities. Additionally, this will allow members to meet staff and find out what they do and engage with long-time members of ROOTS and hear about their experiences.

Membership Team Office Hours

As the Membership team embarks on this journey, guided by members, we know there will be questions! To make ourselves more accessible, Aimee and Zaid will hold office hours, starting in April. During office hours, the Membership team can be reached by phone to answer any questions and assist with any membership matters. 

Membership Team Office Hours:
Tuesday & Thursday: 11am – 2pm ET
(404) 577-1079 EXT. 302

Questions? Reach out to

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