Paige Heurtin


Paige Heurtin


Caretaker, Peacemaker & Implementer
[Operations Director]

Paige is the leader of the Operations team, and sees her role with ROOTS as providing a firm and sturdy foundation for ROOTS’ programs work. Paige’s main responsibilities are managing money, including preparation of quarterly financial statements, budgets and ROOTS’ annual audit. She also serves as ROOTS human resources representative, supervises the registration process for ROOTS events, and keeps our remote office processes flowing. As a finance person, Paige is a bean counter. But in addition to counting the beans, she also makes sure they are seasoned, well cooked and delicious, to keep our ROOTS community nourished and comfortable. She has been with ROOTS since March 2013.

A fine arts graduate who somehow ended up in accounting, Paige worked for a variety of small and large businesses before finding her way back to the arts. She spent five years at Manship Theatre at the Shaw Center for the Arts in Baton Rouge, as Director of Finance and Operations, and Director of Operations, Grants and Film Programming. Her work at Manship included accounting and finance, overseeing the Theatre’s ticket office and concessions operations, grant writing, film programming and artists’ logistics.

A New Orleans native, Paige relocated to Atlanta from Baton Rouge in August 2012. Paige enjoys gardening and cooking, especially with the abundant fresh local produce at Atlanta’s farmers markets. She is also the proud “mom” of three retired racing greyhounds, Leonardo, Padma and Rory.


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